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10/12/2019 - Server 0$ Raised / 113$ min - 193$ max Goal

Every month we have to pay for the server, so let's help me to keep this stream and this site about running forever. what do i need?

  • Server Main 85$ - This server is used to run Stream Agung,Merapi,Multiview and make videos on YouTube.
  • Server Backup 17$ - This is used to run Main Server and More streams if there are too many events and run a mini web server.
  • Server Site ( 11$ - This is used to process timelapse and get info earthquake,volcano and early warning.
  • Internet fee (optional) 60$ My House + 20$ Merapi + Agung free homeowners bear the costs. - Internet costs can still be borne by me but if you really want to help just go ahead ;)

Current finance on Paypal (03/11/2019): 



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Note: Update results and calculations are done manually, if it hasn't changed when you have donated, please contact me