Jumaytepeque (Guatemala)

Status Unknown Eruption Unknown 1802m
Stratovolcano (Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km))


Jumaytepeque is a small basaltic stratovolcano located NNE of the city of Cuilapa, north of the major NW-SE-trending Jalpatagua fault that cuts diagonally across SE Guatemala. The volcano was constructed near the SE rim of the large Miocene Santa Rosa de Lima caldera. It is not overlain by a ca. 23,000-year-old tephra unit from nearby Ayarza caldera, and its erosionally unmodified form suggests that Holocene activity is possible (Reynolds 2007, pers. comm.). Two older cinder cones to the north are covered with Ayarza tephra.

Jumaytepeque, on the center horizon, is a small basaltic stratovolcano that is seen rising to SE from a resurgent dome of the Miocene Santa Rose de Lima caldera. The 1815-m-high Jumaytepeque volcano was constructed near the SE rim of the caldera, and its youthful profile suggests a possible Holocene age. The volcano on the far horizon to the right of Jumaytepeque is Ixhuatán volcano.

Photo by Jim Reynolds, 1975 (Brevard College).

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