Cordon del Azufre (Chile-Argentina)

Status Normal Eruption Unknown 5481m
Complex (Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km))

Cordon del Azufre

Cordón del Azufre is a small volcanic complex straddling the Chile-Argentina border. The complex consists of a cluster of lava flows from vents on the NE side, wholly within Argentina, and a 5-km-long chain of vents along the border with Chile. An older andesitic-dacitic edifice with a 1.3-km-wide crater was mostly covered by younger Holocene andesitic lava flows. The youngest cone, 300-m-high Volcán la Moyra, was the source of fresh-looking blocky andesitic lava flows that descended 6 km into Chile and 3 km into Argentina.

The volcanic complex in the center of this NASA Landsat composite image is Cordón del Azufre, a small volcanic center straddling the Chile-Argentina border. A dacitic lava-dome complex lies at the eastern side of the complex, in Argentina. The prominent dark-colored lava flow from Volcán la Moyra, the youngest feature of the volcanic field, descended 6 km into Chile and 3 km into Argentina. Lava flows from Bayo volcano to the SW are visible at the lower left.

NASA Landsat7 image (

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