Iliwerung (Indonesia)

Status Normal Eruption 2013 1018m
Complex (Subduction zone / Crustal thickness unknown)


Constructed on the southern rim of the Lerek caldera, Iliwerung forms a prominent south-facing peninsula on Lembata (formerly Lomblen) Island. Craters and lava domes have formed along N-S and NW-SE lines on the complex volcano; during historical time vents from the summit to the submarine SE flank have been active. The summit lava dome was formed during an eruption in 1870. In 1948 the Iligripe lava dome grew on the E flank at 120 m elevation. Beginning in 1973-74, when three ephemeral islands were formed, submarine eruptions began on the lower SE flank at a vent named Hobal; several other eruptions took place from this vent before the end of the century.

A lava dome, formed during the first historical eruption of Iliwerung volcano in 1870, occupies the summit crater of the volcano, seen here in 1979 from the rim of Ado Wajung crater. Iliwerung forms one of the south-facing peninsulas on Lembata (formerly Lomblen) Island, and has a series of lava domes and craters along N-S and NW-SE lines. Many of these vents, including submarine vents offshore, have erupted in historical time.

Photo by Volcanological Survey of Indonesia.

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