Teon (Indonesia)

Status Normal Eruption 1904 728m
Stratovolcano (Subduction zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km))


Teon, an elongated island in the southwestern Banda arc, is also known as Serawerna, the name of its active crater. Another smaller crater is located to the NNE of Serawerna. Explosive eruptions have been recorded from this andesitic volcano since the 17th century. The largest historical eruption, in 1660, produced pyroclastic flows and surges and caused damage and fatalities.

Teon Island, seen here from the south, is a roughly 15-km-wide island in the western Banda Sea. The 655-m-high forested summit rises 3700 m above the sea floor. Explosive eruptions, the most severe of which was in 1660, have been recorded since the 17th century from Teon (also known as Serawerna).

Photo by Ruska Hadian, 1975 (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia).

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