Todoko-Ranu (Indonesia)

Status Normal Eruption Unknown 979m
Caldera(s) (Subduction zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km))


The twin caldera complex of Todoko-Ranu is part of a large volcanic complex south of Gamkonora. The 2-km-wide, lava-filled Todoko caldera is south of the 2 x 2.8 km wide nested Ranu calderas and contains a young post-caldera cone, Sahu, on its S flank. The northern Ranu caldera contains a caldera lake. Gunung Onu, NW of Ranu caldera, lies at the northern end of the complex. No historical eruptions have been reported; it was mapped as Holocene by Supriatna (1980). Fumaroles are present at Ranu caldera and hot springs are found on Mt. Sahu. Youthful-looking lava flows reach the sea from several locations within the complex.

The twin caldera complex of Todoko-Ranu appears in this NASA Landsat image of western Halmahera Island (with north to the top). Todoko caldera (the circular feature just left of center) lies SW of nested calderas at Ranu, the northern of which contains a lake, faintly visible above the clouds above and to the right of the center of the image. No historical eruptions have been reported from the complex, but fumaroles and hot springs are present, and youthful-looking lava flows have reached the sea.

NASA Landsat7 image (

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