Volcano YT

Disaster Information Service

VolcanoYT was created to help people to find information faster not only for Volcano but floods,winds,forest fires,earthquakes and more, not only that we also create a social network for disasters where you can exchange information quickly. of course with the help of various services such as BMKG, PVMBG, Mirova, VolcanoDiscovery, Sentinel and others for more accurate information. We also help hotels and tourists to make them more famous by using their cameras then we share on our social network.

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VolcanoYT Music

Merapi Early Warning Sound


Want to see how extraordinary the world is? let's take a trip around world with virtual camera.


Is there a volcano that just erupted? or just increase activity? let's try to check


Do you feel an earthquake or just a ghost earthquake? let's check it out


EWS is a simple application that gives early warning after getting information and information is sent to you and our social network in seconds like flash.


Maps is an application to view all information in map mode. You can click icon in map for details and updated in realtime without having to reload the page. version 2d is being re-bulid please be patient :)

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there will be even more features soon, don't forget to prepare curis and coffee when it's time :)