Chingo (Guatemala-El Salvador)

Status Unknown Eruption Unknown 1775m
Stratovolcano (Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km))


Volcán Chingo is a symmetrical stratovolcano that straddles the Guatemala/El Salvador border. A shallow, oval-shaped summit crater is breached on the W side. Other small stratovolcanoes and cinder cones are located on both sides of the volcano along a major N-S-trending fault. Youthful cones, such as Cerro de Olla, lie across the Salvadorian border to the S. To the N in Guatemala, Volcán las Viboras, a cinder cone that caps a basaltic shield volcano, is the most prominent of several fault-controlled cones near Laguna Atescatempo. Flank fissures have fed many youthful lava flows, particularly on the W flank of Chingo and the N flank of Volcán las Viboras. No historical eruptions are known from the Volcán Chingo volcanic field.

A cloudcap brushes the summit of Volcán Chingo, a prominent landmark on the Guatemala/El Salvador border. The symmetrical 1775-m-high stratovolcano is seen here from the SE on the Salvadoran side of the border. The light-brown hill below the volcano at right-center is Cerro Laguneta. Other flank vents are located on the NE side of the volcano, and a chain of N-S-trending vents extends long distances on both sides of the summit. Several youthful lava flows are found west and north of Volcán Chingo.

Photo by Giuseppina Kysar, 1999 (Smithsonian Institution).

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