Dukono (Indonesia)

Status Eruption Eruption 2019 1229m
Complex (Subduction zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km))


Reports from this remote volcano in northernmost Halmahera are rare, but Dukono has been one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes. More-or-less continuous explosive eruptions, sometimes accompanied by lava flows, occurred from 1933 until at least the mid-1990s, when routine observations were curtailed. During a major eruption in 1550, a lava flow filled in the strait between Halmahera and the north-flank cone of Gunung Mamuya. This complex volcano presents a broad, low profile with multiple summit peaks and overlapping craters. Malupang Wariang, 1 km SW of the summit crater complex, contains a 700 x 570 m crater that has also been active during historical time.

The isolated volcano of Dukono at the northern end of Halmahera Island, is one of Indonesia's most active. Seen here in June 1991, Dukono has a broad profile and is capped by many compound craters. Dukono has displayed more or less continuous explosive activity since 1933, occasionally accompanied by lava flows.

Photo by Vivianne Clavel, 1991.

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