Ibu (Indonesia)

Status Eruption Eruption 2019 1325m
Stratovolcano (Subduction zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km))


The truncated summit of Gunung Ibu stratovolcano along the NW coast of Halmahera Island has large nested summit craters. The inner crater, 1 km wide and 400 m deep, contained several small crater lakes through much of historical time. The outer crater, 1.2 km wide, is breached on the north side, creating a steep-walled valley. A large parasitic cone is located ENE of the summit. A smaller one to the WSW has fed a lava flow down the W flank. A group of maars is located below the N and W flanks. Only a few eruptions have been recorded in historical time, the first a small explosive eruption from the summit crater in 1911. An eruption producing a lava dome that eventually covered much of the floor of the inner summit crater began in December 1998.

Gunung Ibu volcano on the NW coast of Halmahera Island rises beyond a small village on its WNW flank. The summit of the stratovolcano is truncated by nested craters; the inner crater, 1 km wide and 400 m deep, contains several small crater lakes. The outer crater is breached on the north side, forming the deep valley seen here on the left side of the summit ridge. Few eruptions are known in historical time from Ibu, although it was erupting at the time of this February 1999 photo.

Photo by Agus Karim, 1999 (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia).

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